About Me


I’ve always had a great interest in mathematics, I took Algebra 2 in 8th grade at Sherwood High School, completed AP BC Calculus in the 10th grade, (and received a 5), and currently take Multi-variable Calculus and Differential Equations in 11th grade through the Montgomery College Dual Enrollment Program. 

Computer Science

Computer Science has always been my passion and one day I hope to have a job somewhere in the field. My love for computer science started in middle school when I used to code plugins in Java for minecraft servers at the request of server owners. Since then I’ve continued to teach myself programming learning Java, C++, C#, Swift, SQL, HTML, and CSS among others. Recently I’ve taken up Mobile App Development and I created my own app called myMCPS Helper.


I started playing soccer mainly in the 5th grade when I joined the local travel soccer team. In 7th grade and 8th grade I played goalkeeper for my middle school team. In high school I played JV soccer in 9th grade and played for the varsity team in 10th grade. I got interested in basketball in 8th grade but didn’t play competitively until I was a player manager for my high school team in 10th grade and a current member of the varsity team in 11th grade.

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